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Tim Howell

At 19 Tim became a ranger in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. After a few years walking amongst the Big 5 he joined the Royal Marines. Becoming a commando and subsequently a Royal Marines Mountain Leader helped develop his mental and physical robustness. During 8 years as a Marine he deployed all around the world, including a tour of Afghanistan, 6 months on an Ice breaking ship in Antarctica, Instructed Arctic warfare in Norway as well as many other deployments in the Middle East.  


Alongside his military training Tim spent almost all of his leave in the mountains. In 2018 he left the Corps to continue his mountain goals full time. Since then Tim has managed to amass a list of firsts including: first wingsuit descent in the UK, Vietnam and Kenya. His climbing accomplishments include climbing the longest rock route in Africa; The West Chambre face in Malawi, 1700m long, as well as having completed the "6 Great North faces of the Alps" which includes the notorious 1938 route on the Eiger. 

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